July 15, 2005

It's Not Just About Karl & Valerie

Along with all liberals, I would like to see Karl Rove burn as well. It's no secret that he is the source of much of the Bush Administration's dirty politicking. Whether he's Bush's brain or whether Dubya is Rove's penis, is a subject for another column. Liberal political pundits have already put in their two cents on this scandal, and I think I've read at least 100 stories on various web sites, and seen a number of television news stories as well. I particularly liked Anthony Wade's piece from OpEdNews.com that debunks the Republican talking points.

The angle of my story today is that this alleged crime is much bigger then just Karl Rove and Valerie Plame. The implications and ramifications of this alleged crime have a far-reaching impact.

It's Bigger Than Karl

Does anyone really think that Rove acted unilaterally in this decision to leak Valerie Plame's CIA undercover status to the press? Does anyone really think that neither the President nor the Vice-President were in the loop on that sleazy, slimy, dirty, scummy, underhanded, stab-in-the-back violation of the CIA non-disclosure law?

Not me. I don't think for one minute that Rove acted alone. If he acted alone and the President is not aware of what he was doing, that's even worse because it indicates that Bush has lost control of the White House & his administration.

I want Rove to burn, but I also want to see Bush and Cheney go down with him. Let's just wait until after the 2006 elections. We should keep the heat on long enough to sway the house over to the Democrats, and then turn it up full force. Then, when Bush & Cheney are BOTH impeached, we'll be able to get some sanity back in the Executive branch of our government.

It's Bigger Than Valerie

A right-wing friend of mine, in debating this issue (he must've read a few of
the RNC talking points), attempted to minimize this alleged crime in that it was only one person's identity that was compromised. So, let me put some perspective on the seriousness of this alleged crime.

Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA operative on a mission involving weapons of mass destruction (see
Robert Novak's original July 14, 2003 story). With her undercover identity compromised, so is the company front she was working at, along with every other agent associated with her, and every other agent who ever was associated with her. So don't anyone think that this alleged crime affects only her. But even if every one of those people were assassinated tomorrow, it still would not be as critical as one thing - the mission.

At the time of this alleged crime the Bush Administration was continuing to sell the concept that Iraq possessed WMD's. That was the justification that Bush used to bring us to war. It wasn't about Saddam Hussein's rape rooms or oppressive dictatorship, it was about Iraq's threat to the United States. As I see it either of two scenarios ensued:

Bush knew there were no WMD's (as the Downing Street documents have clearly evidenced), and he had no qualms about blowing a CIA mission involving them since there were no WMD's to find.
Bush honestly thought that there were WMD's in Iraq and he still decided to compromise a CIA mission to find them.

Either way, the results of Bush's decisions and actions have been nothing short of catastrophic. The pre-emptive attack on Iraq has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and drained our economy (even though the war profiteers have flourished). Either way this alleged crime is nothing short of treasonous. That's right - NOTHING SHORT OF TREASONOUS.

So, don't think that this scandal is just about Karl & Valerie. This scandal is about the Presidency and National Security of the United States of America. Bill Clinton's lie about a blowjob is nothing compared to the gravity of this scandal, and the slimy, scummy, hypocritical Republicans spent over $70m of our tax dollars trying to bring him down.

I urge you to contact your Senators & Congressional Representatives and pressure them to keep this issue, as well as the Downing Street Memos, at the forefront. An independent investigation should ensue unencumbered. At the risk of sounding like Tom Cruise - I WANT THE TRUTH!


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