June 06, 2005

Welcome To World War III

Perhaps I’m the first to say that we are now deep in the throws of World War III. Go ahead… take a look at what's going on around the world and deny it. This is not your typical World War, because in the previous World Wars there were large countries allied together on two distinct sides. The Allies & The Axis! Battles & fighting! Good ol’ fashion, down & dirty, deadly (yet profitable), WAR!

This is a different kind of World War, but still two distinct sides... the United States and a few staunch allies, versus most of the Muslim world. The Muslim foe is scattered and sometimes hidden & elusive. But make no mistake about it - we ARE in a world war.... thanks in no small part to George W. and his band of neo-conservative thugs.

How did we get here?

Perhaps it started with The Project for the New American Century’s charter of world domination. After all, we HAD to bully over 130 countries into hosting our huge military bases. Perhaps it was fueled by Dubya's short-sighted invasion of a sovereign nation, which was NOT a threat to our national security, which decimated countless innocent Iraqi civilians. Perhaps it was Dubya's declaration of the "War on Terror", knowing full well that such a declaration would create a quagmire of fighting that can't possibly end. Perhaps it was fueled by the scandal of Abu Ghraib where the Arab world learned how we tortured their brethren.

As long as George W. Bush is in the White House, with his "stay the course" mentality.. er... ‘leadership’, we will be fighting this "War on Terror" on many, many fronts. Whether it's on the homeland or abroad, whether it’s suicide bombers or airplane missiles, this conflict cannot end. Sooner or later we'll be invading Iran, North Korea (well maybe not, there's no oil there), Syria, Libya, and so on. We gotta spread “Democracy”! We gotta be the world's policemen! Freedom is on the march!

Here’s your wake-up call

Now you parents out there take note. Our military will be stretched very thin to support World War III. And with all the horror, fighting and casualties, young kids won't be rushing to sign up for duty voluntarily like they did in the good old days when they were trying to finance their way through college. You know what that means... Yup... We'll be forced to re-institute the Selective Service. Parents - prepare yourself for the Draft!!

So for all you idiots out there who voted for George W. Bush in '00 and especially in '04, make sure you say to yourself: "Yes, I'll gladly send my son/daughter to the front line in Iraq!”

How's that for terror?


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