November 18, 2005

A Right-Wing Perspective - Part II

Several weeks ago I wrote an article about a real piece of work on conservative talk radio by the name of Spencer Hughes. He does a show on Sunday afternoons, and since I work a second job on Sunday mornings, I’m coincidentally in my car listening to the radio at around 12:30 – 1:30 each Sunday on my way home. I’m usually listening to the ‘Best of Air America’ (this is the only time I get to catch Al Franken), but surf over to this other talk station during commercials to hear what Conservatives are saying.

I wasn’t planning on writing another article on this right-wingnut, but I had the opportunity to listen to a few more minutes of Mr. Hughes’ show this past Sunday, as well as the Sunday before. After 5 minutes or so of his filth, I couldn’t take it anymore and went back to Air America, even though they were still on commercials. I certainly don’t want to give this blowhard any more publicity for his show, but I can’t help but comment on the trash that I heard coming out of his mouth. The focus of his shows these past two weeks (for as much as I could stomach listening) was the unrest and violence going on in France.

Pointing the Finger

To blame for the unrest in France, he isolated the “… Islamic Fascist Scum…” as the “… terrorists…” behind the violence. Sometimes he used the full-version “… scum-of-the-earth…” assumingly to make the distinction on which planet these people are the scum of. But according to Hughes, all of the violence in France is perpetrated by Muslims.

His Answer

Two weeks ago Mr. Hughes gave his simple answer on how to handle this problem, and this week he criticized the ‘Liberal’ French government for not heeding his advice. His answer to handling the unrest & violence in France is to arm the police with machine guns and spray them all with bullets. That’s right – kill all the Muslims. You heard me; his recommendation to fix the problem in France is (basically) genocide. Yes Mr. Hughes, a gory blood bath will simply make this problem go away (heavy sarcasm).

The Root of the Problem

Mr. Hughes, the root of this problem is actually YOU. YOU and people like yourself, on both sides of the conflict, who perpetuate hate. YOU are what is wrong with this world. Instead of digging deeper in the socio-economic, historic, racist, & religious roots of why these people do what they do, you just dismiss them as evil, call them “the enemy”, and preach that the answer is to kill them all. That culture of hate spreads like an infestation until all those ignorant sheeple, who also don’t bother to educate themselves, think just like you. And as simple as that, we’re stuck with a never-ending cycle of hatred & violence.

I seem to recall a certain dictator, a couple of generations ago, tried to do that same thing. He killed 6 million Jews in a genocidal effort to rid the world of this ‘evil’. How did that work out for him, Mr. Hughes? Did he ‘fix’ the problem? Or, perhaps you’re one of the ones who claim the Holocaust was grossly overstated? No, wait a minute… it didn’t happen at all. It was all a Liberal lie, wasn’t it?

The Real Answer

Stop teaching & preaching hate! Recognize and accept the inevitable fact that diversity is a part of our world. Diversity is a good thing in my book. It creates a balance. Looking at our differences helps us to understand things beyond our realm. Experiencing different cultures & customs helps us to appreciate art and beauty. Sharing diverse ideas helps us to approach technological, industrial & biological challenges.

But when we direct our energies to fearing and hating those who are different then us, we perpetuate that cycle of violence, and we have only ourselves to blame. Better yet – we have people like YOU to blame!


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