April 28, 2006

Some Names Have Changed, But The Song's The Same

Over the last few months we've all noticed a slight metamorphosis going on in the White House. Dubya swapped out Chief-of-Staff Andy Card for Joshua Bolton. More recently he swapped out Presidential Spokesliar Scott McClellan for Tony Snow, a former Fox News contributor. As we ask ourselves why these changes (and I'm sure there are more to come) are taking place, we also have to ask ourselves if the strategy is going to work?

Obviously the Bush Administration saw its popularity and polling numbers deep in the crapper, and thought a few cosmetic changes will fix this problem. However, what George & Dick are too thick to realize, is that this problem is so much deeper than a few ancillary, relatively insignificant players. Let's face it - Andy Card really never had any true power in the White House, and Scott McClellan never had any credibility in articulating what was going on in the White House, mainly because the White House itself has no credibility.

What the American people are seeing is that the Bush Administration is made up of a bunch of evil, deceitful, manipulative, money-grubbing bastards who don't care one bit about the people in this country or any other. They don't care one bit about the economic climate in this country or any other. They don't care one bit about the environmental climate in this country or any other. They care about making profit for themselves and their friends, and about grabbing power and control.

The Reverse Robin Hood

The whole basis of the Bush administration's strategy has been to shift the wealth from those who don't already have much, to those who already have most of it. Really. They're stealing from the poor (and middle class) and giving to the rich! They're doing this by shifting the tax burden from the rich to the middle class by instituting huge tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the wealthier populace. (By the way, not only does the middle class bear the brunt of that burden, but so will our children, and our children's children, and our children's, children's children).

Now with gas prices in the $3.00+ / gal range, I see yet another Reverse Robin Hood. Let's face it - the working people are paying for the profits of the money-grubbing oil companies. And who benefits? Bush & Cheney's friends in the oil industry, of course. I'll just call them "Their base".

The Bushies continue to say that "... there's no magic wand that will bring down gas prices....", but I disagree. There are certainly some things that our government could do to bring down the price of gas:

  • The Bush Administration could threaten the oil industry with Windfall Profits taxes if they don't adjust their gas prices to voluntarily limit their gargantuan profits.
  • Many experts believe that the price of oil is very much a function of the turmoil in the Middle East. Well... isn't our government the cause of so much of that turmoil? I say "Pull Out!". Leave the Middle East to the Middle East'ers and get rid of that American Imperialistic mentality. If we pulled out of that region and stopped pissing off the Islamic community, maybe the turmoil will dissipate and we can move on to a relationship of economic cooperation.
  • When we had the chance to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, what did we do? Just the opposite - we increased our dependence on foreign oil? Tell me George, why did you roll back the very achievable fuel-efficiency standards that were established in the Clinton Administration? Why did you give tax incentives for gas-guzzeling Hummers?

The Rot Starts At The Root

The American people have begun to realize that our country is headed in the wrong direction because our government is corrupt, self-serving, and deceitful. Changing a few ancillary players will not fix this because the problem goes right to the top, with George & Dick.

If you want to fix this America, vote Democratic in the next election. If you want to fix this, give the House & Senate back to the Democrats so we can get impeachment proceedings underway for both of these clowns.

America can't wait for 2008.


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