November 16, 2006

Put Impeachment Back On The Table

As much as I've despised the Bush neo-conservative cabal in the White House over the past six years, I was truly taking the 'wait-and-see' approach in terms of President Bush's behavior in the post-11/7 world. I was right there with Speaker-Elect Pelosi that the new Democratic-controlled Congress should progress forward with initiatives that will help the American people, rather than bog Congress down with non-stop impeachment hearings that might make the Democrats look vindictive and possibly even risk the chances of capturing the White House in '08.

Even in my last article I was advocating a cautious approach. I was willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt - a chance to re-align himself to the mandate of the American people. I was willing to wait and see what he did when the Democrats put legislation in front of him to sign that he's habitually opposed, such as raising the minimum wage or federal spending on embryonic stem-cell research. Would he finally sharpen his veto pencil, or concede to the will of the American people?

One last big push

In the last 9 days since the election, President Bush's behavior has made it such that I must advocate for Impeachment as soon as possible. This "Special Iraq Report" from the UK's Guardian is clearly the straw that broke my camel's back (for the umpteenth time). The American people have clearly spoken that we are not in favor continuing to fuel this disgrace in Iraq, yet President Bush is now preparing to send in up to 20,000 more troops for "one last big push". The last time President Bush increased troop strength in Iraq the level of violence and the body counts all rose. Duh!!! All he did was give them more targets!

If George W. Bush had any common sense (which we know he doesn't) he would listen to all of the experts telling him that the solution to this crisis is political, not military. The solution to this crisis is to resolve the problems, not wait it out until you can declare victory, all the while laying down a blanket of divisiveness with rhetoric of "evil", "enemies", and "winning". Clearly, George W. Bush is not the man to resolve this problem. His arrogance will not allow him to change his strategy because, in his mind, that would be defeat.

No more Mr. Nice Guy for me. I say impeach this bastard (and his evil Veep) so that this world can move on! We cannot wait another 2 years.


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