August 10, 2007

Who REALLY supports the troops?

Ya know... I wish I had a nickel for every time I saw one of those ribbons stuck to some car's ass touting how much they support our troops. I'm sure whoever thought of that is raking in a lot of money. But every time I see one, I know the chances are it's some war-mongering right-wing Republican driving that gas-guzzler. These are the same bastards who criticize us tree-hugging liberals for being soft on national security and appeasing the terrorists.

But, who really does support our troops?

Who wants to end this sensless invasion/occupation of Iraq and bring our troops home, safely out of harm's way? Democrats, of course.

And who wants to continue the cycle of violence, escalating it in fact with a "surge" (i.e. build-up)? Republicans, of course.

Who wants to provide our veterans with proper health benefits and compensation, seeing as they returned from the war theatre having risked their lives to protect us... some of them banged up and hurt? Democrats, of course.

And who has worked tirelessly to deny our veterans health coverage and full combat pay? Republicans, of course.

And then I read this article about how the Democrats (led by Sen. Jim Webb) are trying to provide our veterans with full tuition coverage so they can get the education they need to assimilate back into society... however, the White House is against the bill. I guess it costs too much to treat our veterans with respect and gratitude, but there's plenty of money to wage war and pay military contractors.

Just remember people, when you go to the polls in 2008... Republicans support the war, not the troops. Democrats support the troops, not the war.


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