August 03, 2016

What's In The Future For Donald Trump?

While everyone's crucifying Trump for his many gaffes and missteps, I thought I'd take this opportunity to predict the future by speculating what Donald Trump will be going through after the election in November.  Here're my predictions to put out there and reference back down the road, to see how close I was.

First of all let's get one thing out of the way up front - Donald Trump will not win this presidential election.  I know there are some people who are nervous with all the shenanigans going on with voting suppression and stuff, but I have every confidence he will go down in flames losing by a landslide.

When Trump loses, he will be chastised as a loser which will tarnish the Trump brand.  The word "trump" will be used as a verb, synonymous with losing and failure.  "Don't be a Trump!"  Think back at his business ventures...  His casinos.  Trump Steaks.  Trump Vodka.  Trump University.  Aside from planting his name on buildings, and few golf courses, what has he actually succeeded in?  And not only will he be branded a loser, but he'll take all of the blame for losing this election, especially since Conservatives believe that Hillary Clinton is so beatable.

So, let's think about the people who despise him...  Democrats, liberals & progressives.  Latinos, Afro-Americans, Muslims, & women.  Republican establishment, level-headed moderates, the media & intelligent pundits.  Veterans, Gold-Star families & babies.  Who DOES like him?  Just his racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic base.  And after he loses this winnable election and takes all the blame, he'll lose even that sector.

Donald Trump is not as wealthy as he says he is.  Without releasing his tax returns, we won't have an accurate accounting, but there are some who have seen them and they say he isn't even a Billionaire.  But how will he do business, and make great deals, when his reputation is so toxic?  It's all out there now - everyone knows he's a sleazebag who's stiffed his creditors, vendors, and employees.  What bank is going to loan him money to finance his ventures?  Who in their right mind will do business with him?  Work for him? I read today that even Macy's is dumping his clothing line.  Everyone will be distancing themselves from him because they won't want to be associated with him and his bigotry.

Donald Trump has a myriad of law suits against him, not the least of which is a class-action suit (i.e. many plaintiffs) over his Trump University scam where he's already offended the judge.  Some of these suits are bound to come to fruition and he'll have to pay.  He'll be burning up cash like it's going out of style and his lawyers will demand payment up front.  With no revenue coming in, he'll be forced to start selling his assets.  After a while, he'll be flying commercial.  And of course he gave up his reality TV career, so his only legitimate source of income is gone.

He's going to be in a world of hurt, along with his family who will also be tarnished with the toxic Trump name & brand.  In the end, his whole reason for running for president - to boost his brand - will be his biggest failure of all.