February 02, 2016

Really? Ted Cruz? Are you serious?

Coming out of the Iowa caucuses I'm dumbfounded that a state... any state... would actually select Ted Cruz as their Republican preference.  I'm not going to go "all birther" on him even though there are valid concerns about his eligibility given he was born in Canada.  Frankly I'm quite okay with him running, with full confidence that his ass will never see the inside of the Oval Office.  But I'm grasping to understand why people would vote for this POS.  I can only assume that people have very short memories.  Either that or they're so religiously brainwashed that they can't see who they're really voting for.  So, true to my inner purpose, let me remind them...

Well, that's just an cursory overview from a few Google searches.  Hopefully... maybe... I refreshed a few people's memories.


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