July 08, 2005

Brace Yourself For Another 9/11

President Bush is in trouble. His poll numbers are down miserably. His agenda items are stagnant. The American public is squarely against him. Karl Rove has been fingered for the Valerie Plame outing. Scandals are starting to catch up with him. And, he & his administration are poised to go down in shame. Bush's war of aggression in Iraq is not going well, and all branches of the military are having trouble recruiting. There's no way Bush will get support for invading Iran (which we know he wants to do)... unless... there's another 9/11.

Bush needs another terrorist event on American soil in order to garner support for his imperialist agenda. So, you heard it here first... I predict another 9/11 within the next 2 years. Couldn't tell you when, where, or how. But, I can tell you why - because Bush needs it.

Flashback to August of 2001

In the month's following Bush's appointment to the Presidency of the United States, his support was waning. The country was not behind either him or his agenda, and he was destined to be a one-term, ineffective excuse of a president. No one was taking him seriously as he wasn't really ‘elected'.

Then something happened that changed the course of history. September 11, 2001 propelled George W. Bush into being a wartime president, complete with support from the American populace that he would never have garnered. Even international support came pouring in out of sympathy. Dubya stood at Ground Zero with rescue workers and spewed strong words of retaliation. His poll numbers went back up as he launched an attack on Afghanistan to destroy al Qaeda and hunt down Osama bin Laden. To date he's failed at both.

In the years following, Bush and his cohorts have lied, cajoled, misrepresented, misled, fabricated, and coerced to build his presidency on the backs of Muslims. He's used fear as a tool, and along with his usual sleazy, dirty, despicable political trickery, managed to steal another election.

Bush's Latest Cheerleading

I could only listen to W talking for a short time during his recent speech at Fort Bragg before I had to change the channel. His incessant regurgitation of his ‘stay-the-course' policy just makes me nauseous. He kept insisting that we're doing the right thing and we just need to give it time.

So, let me ask you this, George... How much time? A year from now, when the American body count surpasses 2,500, the war-budget goes well into the Trillions, and the price of gas averages $3.50 a gallon as civil war continues in Iraq, will you still be saying we should be patient? At what point do you face the American people and admit you f**ked up?

Tides have turned

As the hunt for WMD's turned up empty, so did Bush's rationale for attacking Iraq. After Richard Clarke, Bob Woodward, Paul O'Neil and others all came out saying that Bush had intended to attack Iraq even before 9/11, he was able to brush it all off and blame the intelligence... until the Downing Street documents became public. Now we're at the point where Bush's support for his war, for his attack on Social Security, and much of his agenda has eroded. Everyone in the world now knows that he misled us into an unjust war. No one will support reinstating the Selective Service draft... No one will support attacking Iran.... unless... there's another attack on US soil... that he can pin on Iran. You can already see him laying the groundwork. Just like he goaded Iraq, he's doing the same thing to Iran with accusations and rhetoric to provoke a confrontation.

So hunker down my fellow Americans, it's going to be a long, long, time before this country heads in the ‘right' direction. Until then, keep your eyes in the sky and hope the next 9/11 doesn't kill any of your loved ones. And when it happens, think about what you're going to do. Are you going to rally behind the President because they tell you it's the Patriotic thing to do? Or, are you going to see the bigger picture and realize that it is Bush's agenda, arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence that brought it on in the first place, and call for a change in leadership?

Me? I'll just be saying, "I told you so". And if another 9/11 doesn't occur in the next 2 years, I'll just say, "Give it more time".


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