June 26, 2006

Al "Inconvenient Truth" Gore.... For President!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of catching Al Gore's new documentary - "An Inconvenient Truth". Actually, the 'truth' is, it certainly was NOT a pleasure. It was unnerving and very concerning. I've heard many stories about the impact of global warming and climate change, but haven't really grasped the magnitude of the looming catastrophe until now.

Mr. Gore presents a plethora of compelling scientific evidence which clearly concludes that global warming is real and deadly on so many levels. Every American, every European, every Asian, every African, every Australian, EVERYONE should see this film. Global warming affects everyone, and in so many ways. Last year (2005) was the warmest on record, and it's no coincidence that 2005 was also the most catastrophic, flanked by the tsunami in southeast Asia and hurricane Katrina out of the Gulf of Mexico.

As I was watching the documentary, there was one thing that sickened me the most - knowing that the one person who needs to get this message the most, arrogantly refuses to watch it. Yes, when President Bush was asked whether or not he would see Gore's film, his response was "Doubt it". He further went on to clarify...

"...in my judgment we need to set aside whether or not greenhouse gases have been caused by mankind or because of natural effects..."

And that, ladies & gentlemen, says it all. The President of the United States - the one person in the world who has both the power and the responsibility to forge change that would address the impact of the pollution we cause - just doesn't get it. He's so intent on pacifying his big-business base, that he's willing to risk the future of our planet. But hey... what's a few million lives as long as the energy companies can continue to make record profits.

My Plea

Mr. Gore, your presentation is undeniable and your message is getting out. When I saw you interviewed on 'The Tonight Show' you said that you wanted to continue to communicate your message and do all you can do for your causes. Well, let me recommend to you the best way to affect your causes - Run for president in 2008.

More than half of this country recognizes that you not only won the popular vote in 2000, and you not only would've won Florida had the recount been allowed to continue, but that the presidency was stolen from you by the Republican's dirty trickery. In the time since, we've seen 5 1/2 years of tragedy, fear, recession, divisiveness and extremist policies which have driven our country in the wrong direction, bankrupted our treasury, and killed or maimed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Mr. Gore, you are the most electable figure in the Democratic Party. Even though Hillary Clinton may be the frontrunner, I don't think she is electable given her negativity factor. You, on the other hand, have continued to perpetuate a very favorable presence with the American people, as well as with the international community. Your common sense, articulate manner, and progressive ideology have always been right on the money. But above all that, the American people trust you. Your name has always been synonymous with integrity & character, despite the Republican's sleazy tactics to try to 'SwiftBoat' you with that "... invented the Internet..." smear.

Mr. Gore, if you really want to do the most you can do to forge change to reverse the global warming/climate change problem, you must be President of the United States. Only then will you be in the position to make the decisions, instead of cheerleading from the fringe. Only then can you lead our country in the 'right' direction and reverse not only the causes of global warming, but the loss of America's respect, dignity & integrity.

I believe that our country would not have been attacked on 9/11 had you been our president at the time. I believe that you have the vision to lead us from this terrible period of darkness. And, I believe you have the unique power to win the election in 2008, far above any other figure in the Democratic Party.

Mr. Gore, I urge you to run for president in 2008. I further urge you to select Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold as your running mate. Pleeeeeease save us!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was heart Broken when he wasn't given his rightful place as a president. And In florida where people were yelling about the voting inconsistency's, and No Senator would stand up. No one stood up. When Gore's Sad face was seen as no one stood up.

1:21 AM  

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