June 19, 2006

Presidential Pardons (i.e. How the President Becomes Superman)

This article in Newsday.com literally defines corruption and the reason why our Constitution has to be amended.

"Pardon Me..."

As talk about President Bush pardoning "Scooter" Libby starts to emerge, one has to ask one's self "Where are the checks and balances in our government?" How could it be that the president is totally free to excuse from scrutiny those who would be potentially damaging to himself/herself, thereby covering up his/her own wrongdoings?

What To Do

The answer to this one is easy. Every potential Presidential pardon should be ratified by the Supreme Court, whose criteria should include whether or not the pardon might suppress damaging information on the President. It is utterly ridicules that the President could commit high crimes and treason (as many of us feel he has) and cover it all up by pardoning the underlings who could finger him/her.

This is essentially the definition of 'Unchecked Power', and it goes against the essence & spirit of our Constitution, our democracy, and everything we stand for in terms of truth, justice, & the American way.

Then again, after reading that article, sadly I'm thinking - maybe this IS the American way.


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